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App Design + 360 Campaign


ARCI Dev Billboard.png

It's never been easier to visualize change.

The City of Toronto has developed an app that uses AR and AI to help citizens visualize changes to build form and give them the power to participate in the beautification of the city.


AI suggests improvements to public spaces based on existing assets and public improvement guidelines. Suggestions include increased foliage, smart lighting, rooftop gardens and much more.  The campaign aims to attract potential users with social, OOH and gorilla advertising. Some proposals that are accepted are wrapped in branding to advertise the platform and celebrate individuals who championed positive change in their communities. 

Art Director / UX/UI Designer

 Julian Ho-Young Cadogan

Programs: Adobe XD  /  Adobe After Effects  /  Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator

Lamp Mockup.png
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